PeopleQuest Provide Security Tracking And Management Services

A security guard company faced problems in tracking and managing their operations. With PeopleHRMS Attendance and Solution, and Online Shift Rostering functions, the problems are resolved.




A security guard company with several thousands of guards wanted a tool to track and manage their operations.


A security guard company with several thousands of guards wanted to track and manage the following:

  • Gun licences
  • Permit expiry
  • Medical Check-up due dates
  • Calculation daily and monthly allowances
  • Calculate daily OT hours
  • Online shift rostering
  • Rostering with maximum working hours per labour law compliance

Attendance, Overtime and Online Shift Rostering Solution

  • The Attendance and overtime Solution enabled the capture of the thousands of employees checking-in and checking-out with overtime properly recorded and calculated.
  • The Online Shift Rostering closely monitored the rostering hours in compliance with maximum working hours allowed

Employee and Asset Management Solution

  • The challenge of monitoring of the thousands of employee work permit expiry and medical check-up is easily solved with Employee Management Solution. The solution tracks and monitors the impending due dates of work permit expiry and medical check-up with advance preset notifications.
  • Gun permit expiry dates are closely monitored to ensure compliance of the law and avoidance of fines and gun permit cancellation.

Impactful Benefits

Unnecessary and unauthorized overtime costs were reduced. Also, productivity in the HR Department improved with the solution automatically calculated the attendance records and overtime faster and more accurately.

The maximum working hours Labour law compliance adherence and any breach is prevented and well managed. Resulting in savings of fines and avoidance employee suspension -thus improving productivity. The Online Shift Rostering ensures a smooth and easy Rostering even faced with absentees and sick employees. Resulting in better manpower planning and management.

Better employee work permit expiry and medical check-up ensures employees remain legal, productive and gainfully deployed. And ensuring their good health.

The prevention of gun permit expiry, fines and cancelation results in cost savings and revenues lost from the non-hire of the guns in question.


Our Solutions

PeopleHCM is beyond providing employee self-service and data on demand with a mouse click. It encompasses improving the quality of information, adding value to the fabric of an organization and impacting a culture of excellence.


This is the backbone of PeopleQuest system that is intended for HR Personnel to execute HR processes such as Payroll, Claims, Leave, Attendance, Overtime, Statutory Compliance, Compensation and Performance Management Systems.

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This allows the employee to do self-service such as applying for Annual Leave, Claims, Leave, Attendance and Overtime.

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A friendly wizard guides each step of the way in selecting the report data, choosing the display and generating the report on the fly - all within several mouse clicks away. The final outcome is a dazzling report with up-to-date information.

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Contactless attendance recording to prevent infection via physical contact and the system includes automated email report notification to MITI & others. It is fast, accurate and cost effective attendance recording .

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