The Backbone
Of A Company

This is the main architecture of the PeopleQuest system. Built specifically for a company’s human resource department, it is used as the backend system for managing HR data and running processes such as Payroll, Overtime, Leave Carry Forward, Bonus, Statutory Compliance and Performance Management.


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What Makes PeopleHRMS Unique


PeopleHRMS Features

User configurable homepage

Fully customizable and configurable homepage function where users could alter changes based on their needs.

Mobile ready

PeopleQuest system mobile version is designed for users on the go. The look, feel and functionality are mobile-friendly, offering the convenience to access from other devices.

Kiosk app

Offering kiosk application that allow the device to have access to specific apps/ website needed for work purposes only. This ensures that the device users are free from any distractions and interventions.


Once employee clock in, PeopleQuest system logs their location and updates it throughout the workday. By providing real-time coordination to deploy your workforce for maximum efficiency.

More Features

Interactive Organization Chart

Customisable and interaction organization chart for easy reference and usage purpose.

CV Search And Compare

Provide easy-to-use search and compare CV function to ease employment procedure.

30+ Trend Dashboards

More than 30 trend dashboards for users to choose from, with different functionality and features.

KPI Dashboards

Customisable KPI dashboards to allow employees and managers to keep track.

HR Process Controls Automation

Seamless HR process controls automation that enhance the efficiency of employees in sorting tedious manual tasks.

Rule Based Approval Policy

Provide rule based approval policy within the system for easy reference.

Easy To Setup Email Notification

Optional and customisable email notification setting for users to personalise their email setups

Easy & Powerful End User Reporting

Provide an easy-to-use reporting service for employees and staffs to input data. In return, a user-friendly data analytic report for end consumers.


Manufacturing companies adopting PeopleQuest service to improve OT approval procedures