Stay Focus On Delivering Better Health Care And Facilities

The healthcare industry face challenges to manage a diverse clinical and non-clinical workforce, monitor finance performance and talent retention as well as development. To be competitive, a higher priority needs to be placed on improving operational efficiency. PeopleHRMS provides a powerful dashboard that highlights financial, talent and operational data to help manage resources and control costs. The insight gained provides management with visibility and strong reporting to help drive the business with better strategic decisions.

PeopleHRMS provides solutions that meet the needs of the healthcare industry, including:

  • A single system with real-time reports and analytics that help drive performance
  • Retain talent with skill-based talent development
  • Boost performance by simplifying workflows to improve operations and engaging employees thus deliver better patient care

Our solutions

PeopleHCM is beyond providing employee self-service and data on demand with a mouse click. It encompasses improving the quality of information, adding value to the fabric of an organization and impacting a culture of excellence.


This is the backbone of PeopleQuest system that is intended for HR Personnel to execute HR processes such as Payroll, Claims, Leave, Attendance, Overtime, Statutory Compliance, Compensation and Performance Management Systems.

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This allows the employee to do self-service such as applying for Annual Leave, Claims, Leave, Attendance and Overtime.

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A friendly wizard guides each step of the way in selecting the report data, choosing the display and generating the report on the fly - all within several mouse clicks away. The final outcome is a dazzling report with up-to-date information.

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Contactless attendance recording to prevent infection via physical contact and the system includes automated email report notification to MITI & others. It is fast, accurate and cost effective attendance recording .

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Manufacturing companies adopting PeopleQuest service to improve OT approval procedures